Kanazawa Travel Guide

Kanazawa City is located in the central area of Ishikawa Prefecture.

There are historical landscapes in Kanawawa including Higashi Chaya District and Nishi Chaya District which have been in place since the Edo period (1603-1868).  “Kanazawa Castle” which was built by the Maeda family who ruled the area now known as Kanazawa, is also one of its attractions.  The area around the Castle is Kanazawa Castle Park and is a famous spot for cherry blossoms.  In the immediate vicinity of Kanazawa Castle Park are Kenroku-en Garden, a garden representative of Japan, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa which exhibits mostly contemporary artwork, and are worth the stroll.

Kanazawa is famous for traditional culture including tea service, and traditional crafts such as Kutani-yaki pottery and Wajima-nuri lacquerware.  At the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts, visitors can view all 36 types of Ishikawa Prefecture’s traditional crafts as designated by the country.

Kanazawa is also a treasure-trove of ingredients.  At Ohmicho Market, specialty fresh seafood, and fresh vegetables called Kaga vegetables, unique to this region, are sold at this marketplace.  Enjoy the delicious cuisine as you observe the lifestyles that have lasted from the Edo period.

The central location to tourism in Kanazawa is Kanazawa Station.  Kanazawa Station is easily accessible from Tokyo and Osaka and takes about 2 hours 30 minutes from either location.  From Kanazawa Station take a bus or train to each of the tourist destinations.  A city bus which stops at the top tourist destinations is also in operation and is useful for sightseeing.

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