Shimanto Travel Guide

Shimanto is an area located in the southwestern part of Kochi prefecture.  Besides the cities of Shimanto, Sukumo, and Tosashimizu, the area also includes the county of Takaoka. 

Shimanto’s finest tourist attraction is the Shimanto River, the largest river on the island of Shikoku.  There are no dams on the Shimanto River so it is called the last stream in Japan and, with the Kakida River in Shizuoka prefecture and the Nagara River in Gifu prefecture, has been chosen as one of the three greatest streams in Japan.  You can enjoy activities like rafting on the river and the scenery at places like the Iwama Low Water Bridge.  

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  You can enjoy traveling by sightseeing railways like the Kuroshio Sukumo line and the JR Shikoku Railroad Hobby Train.  From Tokyo, you can fly to Kochi Ryoma Airport, take a bus from the airport to Kochi Station, and take a train to Nakamura Station in the region.  It takes about 4 hours from Tokyo. 

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